Scented Candles vs Diffusers: Which One Should You Go for?

candle room diffuser

There are so many ways of scenting your place today, but which is better than the other? Below we outline the pros and cons of scented candles and room diffusers.

Scented Candles

A reliable gift for all occasions, candles aren’t just pretty and fragrant. The scent emanating from the melting wax is generally stronger than diffused oil and can fill larger space at your home. Moreover, lit candles can truly set the ambience and tie the room together as a centrepiece.

However, scented candles come with a glaring risk: flammability. An open fire needs to be place in a safe, stable place and might not be suitable in a home with pets or children. Some candles might also contain harmful substances like lead, which has been associated to poisoning and respiratory problems. The scents of candles might be stronger, but they aren’t as long-lasting as they disappear once the candle is blown off.

Room Diffusers

A room diffuser is safer in general, as it requires no fire or electricity to operate. Diffusers can also be more cost-efficient, as they last longer than candles and can maintain its waft through the air continuously.

The downsides? Room diffusers might look a bit clunkier than candles, thanks to its protruding reed sticks. They also tend to have weaker sillage than candles, but this can be improved by flipping over the reeds more frequently.


Scented candles and room diffusers are both great options to keep your space sweet-smelling. Whatever your choice is, make sure to do your due diligence for the safest products.

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