Review: YesStyle

YesStyle is one of the most well-known retailers out there for Asian beauty, fashion and lifestyle products. How good and trustworthy is the site, though?

The catalogue boasts an impressive range of products with wide variety, from Korean-style fashion and jewelleries to cult Japanese skincare products and cute stationaries. Many items could be shipped in 24 hours, but some would take up to 21 days, so take that into account! There are also a lot of special offers such as free gifts.

The price is alright – it’s certainly not the cheapest you can get on the Internet land, but with the reputable site and the vast range of products that you can get in a purchase, I would say the price is worth the convenience. But don’t be fooled by the discounts, though – the price would always be around the same level from time to time regardless of the “flash deals”. The site also has tiered memberships – each time you grade up, they would give out e-coupons worth US$5-10. You would also gain extra discount (3-10%) off your purchases, but again, the prices seem to be hiked up accordingly anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

The package arrived 12 days after I placed my order. The shipping was free because I met the minimum purchase requirement. As of now, the requirement is AU$48.

What about the quality of the products? The clothes are fine – I think they’re more durable than Forever21, but certainly not as sturdy and long-lasting as Uniqlo. This striped short-sleeve blouse, for example, feels quite paper-like and doesn’t have the most flattering fit, but the colour and design are quite spot-on. The cropped wide-leg pants also come with loose threads, and the elasticised band could be slightly improved, but the spacious pockets and breezy model make the purchase such a bargain (it helps that they’re just under $15). Some of the brands’ names didn’t match the description on the website, but I personally don’t mind. The earrings look flimsier in real life too – but again, you get what you pay for. I didn’t buy anything over $50, and this purchase made me doubt if the quality of those items would make the price tag worth it.

I would order from YesStyle again – probably just for the under $50 items.


  • Impressive variety of products
  • Affordable prices
  • Apparels have acceptable quality
  • Reliable shipping (and free shipping option)


  • You get what you pay for
  • You can find cheaper individual items in other sites

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

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