Review: Vaniday

Middle-man services are very popular these days – from transportation like Uber to food ordering platforms like Menulog and Deliveroo, these help connect us (customers) with businesses easily. Today, I’m going to write about Vaniday, a wellness-and-beauty service booking platform.

How does Vaniday work? You can either go to the website or download the app, and then search for affiliated salons and/or services in your area. From there, you can compare prices, choose a salon and book an appointment right away. There is an option to pay in advance with credit card – otherwise, you may choose to pay directly at the salon after the treatment.

Vaniday offers 10 per cent cashback reward for every order you make, incentivising you to book again and again through their platform. On top of this, sometimes the salons offer special prices that are only available online through the platform.

But is booking through Vaniday worth it? Well, it depends.

The quality of salons on Vaniday’s directory really varies – some provide good value for money, while others are a miss. For some reasons, the user reviews don’t really help either: firstly, the low amount of sample reviews – only 1-5 reviews per salon – mean that they are often not representative. Secondly, the reviews often discuss just one particular service. Just because a salon does excellent manicures, it does not mean that a good haircut is on the table as well. So there isn’t any reliable way of choosing a good salon other than doing your own research, which is kind of impractical and beats the purpose of a directory platform anyway.

Furthermore, the website could use an improvement. When booking with salons that accept credit card payment, the option to pay in person disappears.

All in all, should you use Vaniday? If your favourite salon(s) is in their list, go for it. But for many people like me, who would rather pay a bit more than risk the chance of sub-par, unrelaxing treatments, Vaniday would just be a thing to use every once in a while.


  • Ability to filter salons based on services, price range and area
  • Special prices/promotions
  • Cashback program
  • Option to pay in advance



  • Some features don’t work properly on the website
  • Salons’ quality varies; hit and miss


Rating: 3/5 Stars

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