Review: So Good Flavoured Almond Milk

So Good Australia has finally introduced its almond milk range to the ready-to-drink market. Coming in 375ml bottles with three flavours – vanilla coconut, dark chocolate, and date and caramel – So Good is confident about the drink’s potential success, thanks to its healthy twist.

“We see a great opportunity to introduce our products to the petrol and convenience channel and provide something new to shoppers to meet their changing needs,” Emma Seberry, senior brand manager at So Good told Retail World. “Consumers currently see a massive trade-off between something healthy and something full of flavour, but it doesn’t have to be that way.”

Based on the nutritional content, the almond milks are indeed healthier than your usual bottled dairy milk. They have 30-40 per cent less sugar, and thus have less calories. Furthermore, despite being dairy- and lactose-free, each of them still have around half the recommended daily calcium intake in a bottle, along with vitamin E. But do they meet Seberry’s promise of “full flavour”?

I have only tried two out of three flavours (vanilla coconut and dark chocolate), but I can say that they are certainly not bad. They feel less creamy than regular dairy milk, but still have a bit of thickness to it. The flavours also taste nice and natural – I love the fragrant coconut note that gives the vanilla variant some sweetness to it. Compared to regular almond milks, which could be pleasantly neutral at best or vapidly watery at worst, this range is definitely the more delicious kind.

However, the “full flavour” also comes with a price: higher calories and sugar. While the amount is indeed lower than dairy flavoured milk, it’s still up to 33 per cent higher than plain almond milk. Many will probably dismiss this as a small, insignificant difference, but others might take more precaution.

What’s more of an issue to me is the price. At $4.49 RRP (or $1.19/100ml), the almond milks are much less affordable than its Original counterpart (around $0.25-0.33/100ml) or ready-to-go dairy flavoured milks on the market (ranging from $0.3-0.6/100ml). The convenience of a healthy ready-to-go drink might make this price worth it for some consumers, but for me, I’ll probably stick to the litre cartons.

In conclusion, So Good’s new almond milks may be a great compromise for those who want to start a healthier lifestyle but still need some sweet treat. However, that compromise is probably a bit too undecided, and comes at a steep price.


  • Great taste
  • Lower calories and sugar level
  • Variety in flavours


  • Pricey
  • Not as healthy as other almond milks

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

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