Review: OAK Classic Chocolate Flavored Milk

Delicious, decadent beverage that’s still nutritious? That’s chocolate milk for you.

Whether you’re looking for post-exercise feed or just up for an indulgent cocoa fix, choccy milk can do wonders for you. This time, I am reviewing one of the most popular chocolate-flavoured milk brand out there – Oak. Originated in Newcastle, the brand’s recent Slurpee-style frozen drinks venture has caused frenzy all over the country. But does Oak chocolate milk really deserve all the love?

Short answer: yes. The chocolate milk, which is sold at $5.50-6 per 2L bottle, is rich, creamy and sweet. There is no watered-down taste that is often apparent in some other brands. With the full chocolate flavour, one glass is enough to keep you satiated for a while.

Some people may find Oak a little too thick and fatty, but for me, that’s what chocolate milk is all about. Enjoy your chocolate milk in moderation!



  • Full flavours (creamy and chocolatey)
  • Fulfilling quality



  • A little more expensive compared to competitors
  • Some might dislike the richness


Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

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