Review: Mortein Kill & Protect Cockroach Baits

When you live in townhouses, the presence of cockroaches and silverfish is inevitable. Multiple ways have been invented to keep them away – from professional pest control to ready-to-buy insecticide. Today, I’m going to talk about the latter.

When I first had this issue, I considered my options: spray can only target visible pests, while control bombs and incense coils will ring the fire alarm right away. Finally, my pick lied on cockroach baits.

Mortein Kill & Protect Cockroach Baits promise to “[kill] cockroaches in the nest and the eggs they carry”. It works by putting the edible bait in strategic places to lure cockroaches out of their hiding places. Cockroaches will then eat the bait and get contaminated, and when they return to the nest, others (and their eggs) will also become contaminated and die. With $11-12 RRP, it sounded too good to be true.

Except it wasn’t. The bait really worked. Previously, I would see two to four German cockroaches in my living area, and some silverfish in the bathroom. Since I put the baits around, I haven’t seen any living roaches yet.

The package says the bait has a lasting power of three months, but it’s been over five months since I placed the baits and it still worked. I might need to replace them soon, but overall I’ve been really happy with the experience. The Mortein baits do the job at an affordable price.


  • Works well in keeping roaches away
  • Reasonable price


  • So far, none!

Rating: 5/5 Stars

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