Review: Menulog

When you’re too busy to cook, food delivery is a great option. The emergence of online food ordering services like Menulog is indeed a godsend, helping you avoid picking up your phone and actually talking to someone. But does Menulog tick all the boxes when it comes to getting your food?

Firstly, let’s talk about restaurant/food choices. Menulog definitely covers a lot of restaurants from your neighbourhood, but they are usually from the lower end of prices and styles – this means that your favourite burger shop or high-end salad joint might not deliver through Menulog. This might not be an issue anyway, though, if you are just looking for cheap eats and quick, filling bites. The restaurants would mostly be available throughout the day, too (not just evenings), so you can order your lunch easily here.

What about the ordering process itself? It’s pretty easy and user-friendly, with options to pay with credit/debit card, Paypal or cash. If you don’t meet the minimum order (usually $20-30), Menulog also offers the choice to order more or just pay the rest of the amount. After ordering, Menulog also gives you the option to re-order the same thing from the same restaurant. Some incentives, such as loyalty discount and price cuts for first orders are also provided.

Finally, the delivery fee and speed vary depending on the restaurant – some offer free delivery, while others require you to pay $3-5 per order. This might be a more affordable pick than other ordering services that apply $5 flat fee for delivery. The food couriers come from the restaurants, and some can get the food to your door in less than an hour while others might take 90 minutes or more during rush hours (e.g. dinner time).

All in all, Menulog is great for busy lunches, group meals, and those just looking to get local, affordable fix.



  • Usually features cheap local favourites
  • Little to no delivery fee, depending on the restaurants
  • Available for lunch and dinner
  • Discounts available
  • Diverse payment options



  • High amount of minimum order, requiring one to order a lot
  • Lower-end choices


Rating: 4/5 Stars

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