Review: Fresca Natural Deodorant

The interest in natural beauty product has grown exponentially in Australia, and Fresca Natural has benefited from this. The brand’s deodorant, in particular, has received rave reviews on the Internet.

Granted, Fresca Natural’s deodorant is not the same as the ones you find on supermarket shelves. Fresca Natural’s contains no aluminium or other antiperspirant ingredients – which means that it doesn’t block sweat. “Fresca Natural deodorants will allow your body to cool itself the way nature intended and does not block your pores or sweat glands,” the website says.

What this deo does is prevent body odours, using a combination of essential oils and aerated salt. But does it do this job properly?

It is debatable. While the smell of the deodorant itself is nice, it does not seem to work well with my body. The Citrus variant left my body with a weird whiff, which I think is a mixture of the essential oils and my sweat. Moreover, the smell is quite strong and long-lasting throughout the day, which made me feel self-conscious. Finally, the deodorant fragrance sticks to the clothes and stays even after washing.

With retail price starting at $15 a bottle, I had high expectations for this deo – unfortunately, those expectations were largely left unmet.


  • Smells great on its own
  • Palm oil and aluminium free



  • Does not help with sweat
  • Leaves a weird whiff
  • Fragrance sticks to clothes


Rating: 2/5 Stars

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