Review: Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale is a Brisbane-based online retailer for beauty items, including handmade cosmetics and fragrances, from artisan and indie brands. Although they mostly source products from the US, they also have their own cosmetics and nail polish brands. However, today I’m going to review the online shop as a whole rather than the in-house brands.

Femme Fatale offers a wide range of beauty products from over 40 brands, from eyeshadows and nail polishes to soaps and perfume oils. Australian fans of indie cosmetics can rejoice as this store stocks many cult American brands, including Arcana, Epically Epic Soaps, Hello Waffle Cosmetics, and Sixteen92 – who doesn’t love cheaper and faster shipping? Furthermore, there are also special items from these brands which are made exclusively for Femme Fatale.

All the shipping options offered (starting from $7.70 for domestic destinations) include insurance, giving customers a peace of mind. My delivery came with two small sweets and a handwritten note, which gave a nice, personal touch!

As indie cosmetics is a very niche market, Femme Fatale also knows the importance of maintaining customer loyalty. There’s a half-monthly sale on select products. By subscribing to the newsletter or joining the Facebook fan group, you can get information on special offers before anyone else. You can also join the Beauty Collective membership group or subscribe to their Emporium Beauty Box (sent out every two months) to enable even more of your shopping desires.

What’s the downside? Well, if you are buying at Femme Fatale, you will generally be paying more than the US consumers for the same products, but this could be attributed to the Australia Tax as well as the cost of shipping and stocking. Also, a lot of the products are sold exclusively in full sizes, which means that customers cannot buy samples before deciding to commit – less accessibility for the budget-stricken.

All in all, if you’re interested in indie makeups and bath and body products, Femme Fatale could be your next go-to shop.



  • Wide variety of products and brands
  • Good shipping options
  • Great customer service
  • Exclusive products



  • Slightly more expensive than the original stores
  • Limited sample sizes option


Rating: 4/5 Stars

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