Review: Burger Project

Today, we’re venturing the fast food territory with a review of Burger Project. The burger franchise, which has a dozen of branches in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, is part of the hospitality giant Rockpool Dining Group. Dubbed as “fast food with slow food values”, the burgers are claimed to be “made with 100% grass fed beef from Cape Grim in North Western Tasmania, home to the purest air in the world and some of the most pristine pastures on the planet.” This sounds good and all, but how does the dining experience compare to this description?

The restaurants have a relaxed yet still sophisticated setting, with minimalist concept and light, neutral colours. The orders are made at the counter – here, you can also customise your burgers as needed, whether you prefer your patties well-done or your burgers without tomatoes. Can’t visit the store? You can also order online through Deliveroo.

Now to the main reason we’re here: the food. Burger Project offers a fair variety of food, including beef and chicken burgers, the vegetarian mushroom burgers, house-produced ice creams, shakes, and even wine, beer and cider. Prices for the burgers start from $9.9 – quite reasonable, although I believe it could be a bit lower.

How’s the taste? It’s great – the patties have a certain savoury, umami flavour that pairs very well with the sauces and cheese. The milk buns are soft and lovely – I know some people prefer the tougher, sesame-sprinkled buns, but I think these buns are perfect to match the juicy patties. The shakes are also quite spectacular – while all the flavours are great, the chocolate is the real highlight due to the use of Valrhona chocolate that provides a rich, complex, yet still sweet taste.

The fried chicken katsu burgers, on the other hand, are a bit dry on its own. The condiments, especially the red chili sauce in the Spicy Fried Chicken Katsu burger, help a bit, but they couldn’t solve the problem completely. The chips also have quite oily, occasionally hard texture. You can opt for no salt on the chips, or choose from the three available options: regular salt, chipotle chili salt and Sichuan pepper salt. I find the regular salt to be kind of bland, but the chipotle chili salt gives a nice flavour kick.

The portion is alright – it is quite filling, but I believe it could be bigger especially considering the price. The burgers are of a similar size to Loaded by BL’s hamburger, which only costs $6.

In short, Burger Project is great if you want quality tasty burgers quickly. Even if you’re not out to eat, the shakes are reason enough to make you want to visit a store. However, if you have insatiable hunger, there are more affordable options out there.


  • Tasty burgers
  • Great shakes
  • Good vibe
  • Delivery options


  • A little pricey for the genre
  • Room for improvement for the chips

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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