Recommendation: Review Sites

Whenever you want to buy something – a house, a gadget or a Secret Santa gift – it’s always good to come into the process with full knowledge. If what you’re looking for hasn’t been reviewed here, the following websites offer the best and niche opinion from insiders and experts in their respective fields. Check them out!



Looking to move to a suburb you’re unfamiliar with? Homely is one of the sites you should check out before signing a contract. Apart from property listings, the site also offers reviews of suburbs from local residents. Just type in the suburb’s name and you’ll find out all the details, from public transport and restaurants to safety and traffic.


The Strategist

As Vox’s Eliza Brooke puts it, the Strategist “offers a level of taste, not omniscience or product specs”. While other sites might recommend awfully random items based on commission, the Strategist provides tasteful, well-curated items based on certain categories (for example, “What’s the Best Work Bag for Women?”). The site also features exclusive celebrities’ recommendations on the regular (“What Rebel Wilson Can’t Live Without”). It’s like window shopping with a cool friend.

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