Lush Slap Stick Foundation: How Do People Like It?

Recently Lush came out with a new line of vegan, solid foundation sticks. Slap Sticks, as they are called, come in 40 different shades for cool, neutral and warm skin undertones. The Slap Stick is described as “medium-coverage”, formulated with 14 percent pigment and 45 percent Indonesian coconut oil, promising “mask-like foundations a thing of the past, keeping your complexion looking fresh all day long at no compromise”.

lush slap sticks Here is the list of ingredients:

To top it, the brand says the Stick is made from artisan ingredients from community co-operatives that directly benefit locals, and not tested on animals.

But how does the actual product compare to the promises of merits above? Here are some reviews from people on the Internet.

Isha Bassi, Buzzfeed

“The thought of foundation made with coconut oil scared and excited me. I have combination skin, which gets both dry and oily around the t-zone. The foundation itself was incredibly creamy and blended out like a dream. Application-wise – it’s a bit messy! Your hands are all over the product, and it definitely needs its own storage or container to place it in.

“The coverage is definitely on the minimal side. I tried building it to cover some redness I have around my cheeks and nose, but I still found it to be quite sheer overall. After a couple of hours of wearing the foundation, my face was INCREDIBLY shiny and greasy. I do prefer more of a matte finish, which makes me think that the Slap Sticks may not work the best for oily skin.”


Lovette Jallow

“I’ll probably give this foundation an eight out of 10 – I give it such a high number simply because the ingredient list is on point, it’s good for the environment, it’s good for the skin… coconut oil, that’s my jam.”


Bronwyn (bonbonzz)

“I do find that it takes longer to blend out than a regular liquid foundation – in the morning, when I’m getting ready and I just want something really quick, this is not going to be the one that I reach for. However… it is looking really nice and even, it’s looking nicely radiant but it doesn’t look like I’m oily.”

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