Function of Beauty Custom Shampoo and Conditioner: How Do People Like It?

Everything is about personalisation these days – and now, there’s a haircare company on board. Function of Beauty offers shampoos and conditioners that are developed to suit your hair type, goals and preferences. “Each set is uniquely formulated for you once you place your order, with an unlimited number of possible,” the brand says on its website. Their products are also free of sulphate and paraben. You can get a set of 236ml shampoo and conditioner for US$31 as a one-off purchase or a subscription that’s delivered to your door every month, two months or three months.

How’s the order process like, and do the products fare to the promise? Check out the following reviews from the customers…


Avery Hartmans, Business Insider

“After using the products as directed, my hair was shiny and manageable and had a decent amount of volume. While I didn’t notice a major difference between my hair after using a drugstore brand versus using Function of Beauty, I did see good results.

One caveat: My roots seemed to get oily earlier in the day after using the Function of Beauty products than they usually did.”


Anjli Mehta, Brit+Co

“After using this set, I found myself reaching for less product each day because I didn’t feel like my hair really needed any help from a wave spray or shine serum and less product meant less build-up. This set gave me a whole extra day between washes — and I’m talking a hair-down kind of day.”


Amanda Raphael, Tricks & Trucco

“I just wasn’t blown away by anything this product was doing for me… all the benefits I enjoyed from this product weren’t exactly unique – I’ve experienced all the Pros above (softness, oil control, healthy scalp) from other shampoos because I found that for me, those benefits were all tied to the fact that the other shampoos also don’t contain parabens or sulfates.

In my ~humble~ opinion, it’s not worth it to pay 137% more per oz for a product that I think performs equally as well as another product I’ve used before. While I do actually really like the Function of Beauty shampoo and I’m glad I tried it (and will be continuing to use it because I paid $36 for it), I will most likely NOT be repurchasing it unless a boat ton of money comes my way.”


Khalea Underwood, Refinery29

“I know that shampoo is meant to clarify, but my natural oils felt stripped immediately, and it lathered way too much — usually a sign that there are surfactants in the formula. The conditioner wasn’t much better. I like to use a formula that moisturizes and defines my curls at the same time, to take some of the work out of my styling process. After trying this one, I ended up having to overcompensate with my leave-in conditioner and curling cream because the wash depleted my moisture.”

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