Amazon’s Styling Assistant: How Do People Like It?

Would you let an algorithm dress you?

This is the whole premise of Amazon Echo Look, which is described as “the first artificially intelligent style assistant with Alexa”. In other words, “now Alexa helps you look your best”. At the moment, Echo Look is only available by request, but the retail giant indicated that the product would move to general availability later this year with expected price of $199.

Before you decide to spend your bucks, read the following reviews from people who have tried the device.

Allyson Payer, WhoWhatWear

“More often than not, I found myself agreeing with Echo Look’s outfit picks and style advice, which I was somewhat surprised by.”


Kyle Chayka, Racked

“The Echo Look won’t tell you why it’s making its decisions. And yet it purports to show us our ideal style, just as algorithms like Netflix recommendations, Spotify Discover, and Facebook and YouTube feeds promise us an ideal version of cultural consumption tailored to our personal desires.”


Haley Nahman, ManRepeller

“I used StyleCheck to get Alexa’s opinion. Apparently she (aka the algorithm) takes fit, color, styling and trends into considering, a.k.a. more than I take into consideration. She went gray/green, and tbh, I agreed.”


Erin Jensen, USA Today

“The thought of sending the Echo Look back makes me feel like I’m losing my most stylish friend… that I know isn’t just passive-aggressively sabotaging me because she’s jealous. While I don’t see the personal need to use Echo Look every day, for nights out and special occasions I’ll miss giving Alexa a shout.”

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